Heart Rate Monitor With GPS

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It took up running over a year ago thanks to tips on this site http://heartratemonitorcenter.com/  which helps me how to lose weight with Heart Rate Monitor and now I am addicted to it. Like all my hobbies I totally get into every aspect of it. With running I have speciality shoes, socks, underwear and all sorts of gadgets. One gadget that I really like is my heart rate monitor with GPS. Everyone knows how important it is to monitor your heart rate while exercising. I do it to calculate my effort and I also use it to get a more accurate calorie burn rate reading. It has been especially helpful when it comes to interval and HIT type training which has really helped me lose a lot of fat. It is a great tool that I simply couldn’t live without. I use it every time that I go out for a run and sometimes I even use it when I’m in the house.

 Why A GPS Model

When looking at a heart rate monitor with GPS most people might not immediately see the benefit of having a GPS on theres. For me, the GPS has many functions. It helps me track where I’ve ran, it allows my family to track where I am, and if something bad happens to me they will be about to find me. It is a great tool to monitor your route and to even find new place to run. I’ve used it to find new street and to create a run that is more of a circular pattern than the typical up the street and back routes that I use to take. I was even able to find a circle that felt more like a track and that kept me closer to my house versus running a more linear route that had me going further from the house. With this route I basically circle my neighborhood.


Local stores rarely have a large variety of anything in stock. I seem to get a better price online vs in person. My suggesting would be to buy online, do all your research online, watch videos of monitors online and then make your choice. I know that whenever I order online I end up learning more about a productvs if I were in a store with pressure and the need to just buy now. Online shopping makes me make better choices and it save me a lot of money.

As you can see there are a lot of good reasons to by a GPS + heart rate monitor combo. You can see how beneficial it is and how it can make you safer. It can also make your family feel better because they can track your location.


Breathometer Breeze – Why You Should Own One

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Determining your BAC after a party may be the most important decision that you ever make. It is hard to tell how much alcohol we have actually had, especially if we don’t get drunk very easily. It really doesn’t matter you can handle yourself after several drinks. What does matter, in particular behind the wheel of a vehicle that you are driving after drinking for several hours, is whether or not your BAC is above .08%, beyond the legal alcohol level. To determine if you are above that level, you will need to have a breathalyzer. One of the best on the market right now is called the Breathometer Breeze. To understand why this product is so popular with people today, here is a brief overview of what breathalyzers are capable of doing, and why this particular one does it the best.


 The Anatomy Of A Breathalyzer

A breathalyzer is a very simple product, although it does use quite a bit of high-tech technology. It consists of a mouthpiece that you breathe into, which then sends your breath into the device where a reading can be made. Once the reading is done, by a microprocessor that is in the device, there will be an LCD display of what your blood alcohol content level is, allowing you to make the right decision as to whether or not to drive.

 Why You Need The Breathometer Breeze

There are many reasons why this particular breathalyzer has become so popular. One of those reasons is because it works directly with your smart phone. It is more convenient to bring with you, and by using simple Bluetooth wireless technology, you can get an accurate reading. Because it uses Bluetooth technology, you simply have to activate the device. It will connect with the application on your phone and provide you with the reading. The application also has quite a few helpful aspects including giving you information on how to find designated drivers, local cabs, and other information to help you make the best decision for you if you are over the legal limit for driving.



You can find great deals on this product on the web, and it is usually priced at around $70 to $90. You can get great deals by shopping on large websites like Amazon, or specialty stores that focus on breathalyzer equipment, helping you to stay safe wherever you happen to be drinking.

When Your Roommate Eats Your Food

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And you simply do not know how to tell him (or her) that it is not nice. And that it is actually pretty weird and absolutely unbelievable and inappropriate to eat someone else´s food. These are the emotions and feelings that run through your head whenever you catch your roommate eating your food. Or whenever you find out that your food went missing. Because you know that it did not simply just disappear. You know who is the one to blame. And it is no one else but your roommate.

However, you do not really have to be so hopeless. There is actually one thing that you can do to make your roommate stop eating your food. And you will learn that in the video below. So enjoy :)

Do You Have Any Barbecue Leftovers?

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Then do not throw anything away! There are ways how to turn your leftovers into a completely delicious meal. And without the necessity to turn on the grill, which is awesome! So if you are planning to have a barbecue party soon, or if you have had a barbecue party recently, you know what to do.

Well, in case you are still not sure, here are some ideas:

1. Purée the grilled zucchini and turn it into pesto sauce!

2. Crumble the burger meat and mix it with ketchup.

3. Soak buns in syrup and then bake lightly.

And there you go, enjoy your post-barbecue party!enhanced-32698-1435163587-8 enhanced-22245-1435160303-24

When Life Gives You Lemons…

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Make a lemonade! Oh, no! Just forget about it. Lemonade is so old fashioned, don´t you think? However, the point of this old saying is in turning something bad into something profitable. Which you definitely should! But instead of making lemonade, make some delicious treat! Just like one of these!

1. Lemon and Cranberry Cookies.


2. Sweet Lemon Bars – these are easy to make!


3. Fresh Mint Lemon Soda – well, you have to make at least something to drink.


4. Lemon Meringue Pie – looks absolutely delicious, don´t you think?

Recipes can be found on spoonuniversity.com. Enjoy!

Why People Lose Their Jobs

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Losing your job can be upsetting. However, it is important to realize that it is not a tragedy. No matter what, the life goes on. And there are many other opportunities in the world. Not just one. Your life does not end with one failed attempt. Do not give up!

However, the reason of losing a job can be even more upsetting. Expecially when it is completely stupid. Just like the ones in the video. Did you even think that it is possible? Well, it obviously is. Just be careful what you do at work. And do not repeat the mistakes shown in the video! But I will not tell you what they are, you have to watch it yourself! Enjoy!

Kids Or Zombies?

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Portrait of a boy in plaid shirt vacantly staring. He is engrossed in TV.

Can you guess what these photos represent? Are these children half-asleep or hypnotized, or are they meant to imitate Zombies? Well, no. In fact, these kids are looking at something. And the something is TV. Yes, this is how hypnotized can children (and all the people in general) be by TV. Just look at the looks in their eyes! Is it even possible to stare like that?

These photos were created by Donna Stevens and she called the series “Idiot Box” which is very accurate. Her aim was to make people see the dark side of the technology and its impact. I think that she did a pretty good job, how about you? Do your kids do the same?Portrait of a boy in blue sweater vacantly staring. He is engrossed in TV.

Portrait of a girl in blue sweater with dotted shirt vacantly staring. She is engrossed in TV.

Portrait of girl in grey jacket vacantly staring. She is engrossed in TV.

Would You Touch An HIV Positive Person?

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This guy decided to make an experiment. He wanted to find out how many people would dare to touch him despite the fact that he is HIV positive. In order to do that he stood in the street with his eyes closed and a sign next to him saying: I´m HIV positive, touch me.

At first, people were just walking by, not daring to come close. But then they started approaching him, tapping him on his shoulder and in the end, one by one, they were giving him hugs! It made him cry. And so it did make me. It is awesome!

What about you? Would you touch him?

This Video Of Selena Gomez On iHeartRadio Is Awesome!

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If you are a fan of Selena Gomez, you will definitely love this video! I love it when celebs are asked to answer Twitter questions and dares from their fans! You simply get to see them in a completely different light! And it is funny. Just see it for yourself in this awesome video of Selena on iHeartRadio.

The best part was when she was asked to imitate Shakira´s accent. Or when she was asked to impersonate Taylor Swift? I do not really know. What do you think? She nailed it, right? This video is the reason why Selena has so many fans. She is funny and fine with making fun of herself. Enjoy the video!

Women Vs. Tuxes

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Men have it simple. When they are dressing up for an occasion, they do not really have that much option. All they have to do, is find a perfect suit. But when it comes to women, it is a complete disaster. All the various designs, patterns, fabrics and colors, that is just insane.

So why don´t we all wear suits? Would it not be better? Women and men could all wear tuxes, or not? Well, these girls have tried it, and to be truth, they hated it. At least most of them. But why don´t you watch it yourself? Or perhaps you could try it yourself, ladies.