Is Your Relationship Making You Fat?

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Everyone gains a few pounds once they are in a relationship, right? Well, it is something that is simply bound to happen. Or not? If you think that you have had enough of pounds, then you should probably do something about it. Like for example, find out the cause! Here is a list of the reasons why your relationship is making you fat.

  1. Being in a relationship means spending most of your time with your partner. And you definitely do not spend it exercising, right? Well, all the time you used to spend working out, is now spent watching movies.
  2. It is because of the sex. Well, let me explain. What do you usually do after a sex? You have food. Something high in calories. Or you drink wine, or eat chocolate.
  3. You simply do not care anymore about your looks. We are sorry, but that is just how it goes. Once you get yourself a girlfriend, you have won. You do not need to compete anymore.
  4. Your girlfriend cooks for you your favourite meals. And they are not salads. And you like that. Even though you know what these foods are doing to you.
  5. You do what your partner does. And if she is not eating healthy foods, then you will probably not eat them too.

So? What are you going to do in order to lose pounds? Well, perhaps you should talk to your partner, right? Try to do it together.

Things That Put Women Off

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Here is a list of things that make women not want to be with you. Well, you do not have to thank us. Just read and remember these things!

  1. A messy man is not attractive. There is a huge difference between a purposely unkept and unkept. The latter is disgusting.
  2. Being lazy is a major turnoff. If you are a lazy man, then you should do something about it!
  3. Being a needy person is also not good. Women want you to want them, however, they do not want to know that.
  4. If you do not have a sense of humor, then better go and get it! Do not be afraid of making fun of yourself, women love it.
  5. Being bad in bed is also something that puts women off.
  6. No self-confidence is also not very sexy. You need to be able to appreciate yourself in order to get a girl who appreciates herself.
  7. The man with low libido.
  8. A stubborn partner is not attractive either.
  9. A person who talks too much can also be a turnoff for some women.
  10. Being too quiet, another huge problem for women. Well, one never knows what they want, right?

Every woman hates something about men. However, this should not put you off. One day, you will meet a girl who will like you for who you are. Seriously! All you have to do is keep looking and not give up! Just do not try to change yourself in order to make a particular woman like you. Find a girl who likes you first!

The Rules Of A Breakup

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If you want to breakup, but you do not know how to do it, then read these instructions and you will konw exactly what you should and should not do. Good luck!

  1. Make sure you do it in person. No texts, no Skype, no phone call, no nothing. A meeting. Make sure that you meet with the person.
  2. Once you are with the person, start the conversation with positive things. Show them that you appreciate their time and their love. Just start with the things you like about them.
  3. Now, the real problem. Are you living together? If yes, do not breakup without a plan. If you have bought anything expensive together, make sure that you somehow sort things out before you start with the breakup.
  4. It will be tough. Perhaps she will cry. But that cannot make you change your mind. If she does that, try to be nice and see things from her point of view.
  5. Do not sleep together. Never, ever. No way. That is the worst thing to do, because for you it may just be the “goodbye sex”, however, it may mean a lot to her. And that is probably not something you want, or is it?

Once you manage to do this, then reward yourself. Well, we know that it will probably not be easy, however, you need to realize that it is for the good of both of you.

The Foods You Think Are Healthy Part II.

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Here is a continuation of foods that we think are healthy but are not:

  1. Fruit juice. Yeah, the real fruit juice is probably healthy, however, the fruit juice you buy in stores i far from being healthy. It contain too much sugar and, the fruit is always better eaten as whole.
  2. Flavoured nuts. Well, they are delicious and they are nuts, however, the salt and the sugar that is added to this snack is probably not worth it.
  3. Rice cakes. No nutritional value. It is absolutely useless to eat them!
  4. Gluten-free products. A total myth is that gluten-free products are dangerous or unhealthy. No, they are not.
  5. Caesar salad. Yeah, you probably think that just because it is a salad it needs to be healthy, however, take all the croutons, cheese, the dressing, probably not that healthy, is it?
  6. The sushi you get in supermarket. It is far from the original Japanese sushi and it often contains unhealthy things such as mayonnaise.
  7. Diet soda. Just because it is called diet it does not mean it is diet.
  8. Frozen yogurt. You probably believe it is healthy, however, even though it contains less sugar than ice cream it is still a sweet treat.

Well, if you have any other candidates then let us know!

The Foods You Think Are Healthy

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Not all foods that you believe to be healthy actually are healthy. Well, it is a little confusing, right? Do not worry, we are not blaming you! We are here to show you which foods are healthy and which are not. So just read on and enjoy!

  1. Whole wheat bread. Yeah, whole wheat bread is actually not much better than regular one. Why? Because it does the same thing to your blood sugar.
  2. Spinach pasta. It looks green so it is probably healthy. Well, the truth is that is usually is only green and not much more.
  3. Hazelnut spreads. Meaning Nutella. You have seen the commercial and it shows all the happy and healthy people eating Nutella for breakfast, but do you know what? Nutella is pretty unhealthy. 70% of the bottle is just palm oil, not nuts, neither chocolate.
  4. Beans. Well, they are supposed to be healthy, however they are difficult to digest.
  5. Dried fruit, or the things that manufacturers add to it are not very good for yourself. The better choice would probably be to prepare your own dried fruit than to buy it in grocery store.
  6. The fruits cocktail. Again, not very good. It contains syrup and that is just useless sugar.
  7. Breakfast cereal. Be careful when choosing this product, many of them contain a lot of sugar.
  8. Peanut butter. When buying a peanut butter, you need to be very careful and find the one that does not contain added sugars.

To be continued!

Foods That Will Help You Lose Weight

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Yeah, of course, you have probably heard about thousands of foods that you should eat in order to lose weight. However, some of these foods work better than others. So, if you want to lose the weight quickly, then you should definitely focus on the most effective ones. And if you do not know what these are, then read this article and find out!

  1. Apples, pears
  2. Berries
  3. Broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, cabbage
  4. Kale, chard, mustard greens, romaine lettuce, spinach
  5. Soy or tofu

Do you know why these are so great? Well, they are high in fibre so they make you feel full. Which makes that they help you eat less and feel satisfied. So, even if you do not like broccoli, it is probably worth learning to like it, right?

However, there are also those vegetables that can make you gain weight. Do you know which? Well, you should definitely eat potatoes, corn and peas in moderation. Or not at all.

Just make sure that you implement these foods in your diet instead of all the unhealthy foods and you will finally lose the weight!

How To Cool Your Mouth After Eating Spicy Foods

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Spicy foods are great. But only if you know how to eat them. Or, how to handle them. And if you do not, then you should read this article! It will help you handle the burn which can sometimes be unbearable. But with our tips, you will not have to suffer through this.

So, we know that you probably usually reach out for a glass of water. But do you really feel any relief after you drink down a glass of water? Well, perhaps not. Perhaps you feel even worse, but it is just a habit so you always do the same thing.

Anyway, do you know what the thing responsible for the heat is? It is capsaicin. And the reason why this burning feeling does not go away after drinking a glass of water is that capsaicin contains greasy qualities.

So, what is the thing that can help you cool your mouth down? Chew an ice cube. That can ease the pain. Or, bread can help you. And the best thing that you can do? Dairy. So, have a glass of milk after your spicy lunch and your mouth will thank you.

So, are you ready to have your spicy food? Well, we hope that you are!



Plenty of possible solutions out there for premature ejaculation

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My brother struggled with premature ejaculation for years, and never came to me for advice, or even admitted it to me because he was embarrassed. I totally understand that, and when he finally did admit to me that it was a problem (after a couple of beers), I patted him on the back and told him I wished he would have talked to me about it sooner, because I used to deal with the same thing. No, premature ejaculation doesn’t just ‘run in the family’, but it does affect quite a few men, and the problem is, no one likes to talk about it. Luckily, my brother and I are close, and once he told me about his problem, I told him that there are plenty of possible solutions out there, and gave him some tips on what worked best for me.


First thing I tried was an experiment

The first thing I tried was basically just an experiment. I had heard all about these ‘deep breathing’ techniques some men had success with, so I gave them a shot. They did make me feel much more relaxed, and there are even specific exercises you can do along with them. It almost felt like a form of meditation, and while they helped me relax and focus, which made me feel better overall, they didn’t do very much for my premature ejaculation problem.

I’ve been married for five years, and my wife had known about my ‘issue’ even when we were dating – she married me anyway, because she’s a saint, but I still always felt guilty that I couldn’t fully satisfy her in bed, just because I couldn’t last very long. When the deep breathing exercises didn’t work the way I wanted them to, I went to the next step with her support, and decided to try some different products.

Buying products online for any sexual problem

Buying products online for any sexual problem you might be having can be scary. There are some negative reviews and some positive ones, there are potential side effects, etc. But we were desperate at that point, so my wife and I tried several of them. The most common I used were usually creams or lotions of some kind, and while there was a little effect from some, it wasn’t without a fair share of issues. Some took hours to kick in, and some only worked for a few minutes. Others worked a little too much, and I couldn’t even enjoy the sex I was having because I couldn’t feel it. The worst, though was experiencing a sort of ‘numbness’ from one of the products. I later found out it had something in it called Lidocaine, which is actually used as a local anesthetic. It can be scary stuff if you’re not careful.


I had almost given up searching for products online until I stumbled across a product called Pelay, which claimed to do all of the things these other products simply couldn’t, all with no negative side effects. With nothing to lose, I went ahead and ordered it. The first time my wife and I tried it, I knew I would never go back to any other product. It came with the Pelay Gel and Pelay Applier, and when I used them together, I could feel it working in under five minutes. The Pelay Gel worked like a lubricant, so I could still enjoy sex. And of course, my wife enjoyed that I lasted 45 minutes. We use Pelay now whenever we have sex, and I have never had one negative side effect – our sex life has never been better.

When I told all of this to my brother who was still struggling with premature ejaculation, he almost found it too good to be true. But, I actually just got an e-mail from him the other day saying he had tried Pelay for the first time, and he knew it was going to change his sex life forever.

Which Are The Spots You Need To Clean In Your Apartment?

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If you happen to be inviting a girl over, you should do some serious cleaning before you let her enter. Why? Well, let´s just say that there are certain places in your apartment you may have never even thought about and these places are dirty. And your girl will notice. Because that is how girls are. They notice everything. So the only thing you can do is to clean up. Properly.

  1. The floor. It is easy to forget about your floor when you are in a rush. But that would be a very big mistake. Do not just sweep it, use the mop!
  2. Your mirror in the bathroom. Every girl looks into the mirror. That is why it needs to be clean.
  3. Your bathtub and its corners! Do not forget about them!
  4. The toilet, of course. However, make sure that you do not miss a spot.
  5. Actually, your whole bathroom should be cleaned up perfectly, so make sure you spend some extra time in there.
  6. Microwave oven. Many people do not really care about their microwave oven. But women do, so that means that you should care too.
  7. Window sills. Okay, these are a little bit extra, but if you manage to do a good job, your girl will notice!
  8. The sinks. It really is disgusting to wash one´s hands or teeth above a sink that looks dirty. So remember that.
  9. The stovetop burners. Well, we do hope that you understand that this one is necessary.

Well, good luck! We know that you can do this!

The Lessons To Be Learned By 25

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By the time you are 25, there are some things you should already know. The lessons that you should have learned. And what are they? Well, here is a list!

  1. You should learn that you are the person who is in charge of your happiness. And that it is not necessarily the things you want that make you happy.
  2. You should know that in order to be good at something, you need to be passionate about it. There is no use in pursuing something you hate. You will never be as good at it as you would be in something you really like.
  3. Follow your dreams and protect them. Your dreams are yours. Do not let other people ruin them.
  4. You should know that you cannot please everyone. And you should definitely stop trying.
  5. You should also realize by this time that your health is important and that you need to take good care of it.
  6. You should try to be fit. Physically. You need to exercise regularly in order to be healthy.
  7. Looks matter. And you should definitely try to look your best.
  8. Be thankful, do not take things for granted.
  9. You need to be confident. That way you will get farther.
  10. Learn to accept the failure. And do not be afraid of failing.
  11. Be yourself, do not try to be someone else.
  12. Travel a lot while you can.
  13. Do not be afraid of taking a risk.

Well, what else have you learned so far?