Is Your Girlfriend Awesome?

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Well, you should probably know. I mean, why would you date her if she was not, right? The things is, it may sometimes happen that you are stuck in a relationship with someone who really is not the best person for you. But how do you know that? I think you might need some help with it, right?

So, here it goes!

These are the traits of an awesome girlfriend:

  1. An amazing girlfriend is independent. You want someone who has their own life. Someone, who has their own friends and some hobbies.
  2. She is smart. If you are intelligent, you cannot be with someone who is not.
  3. You are compatible. Meaning sexually compatible.
  4. You find her attractive. You should never date someone you are not attracted to. And if other people are telling you otherwise, just do not listen to them.
  5. You feel that she respects you.
  6. She lets you be yourself. And do the things that you want to do, like play poker, or whatever.
  7. She does not get angry all the time.
  8. You family likes her. It is important that your girlfriend is liked by your family. And you will soon find out why.
  9. She loves you and you love her. Even if she is not perfect, if you two love each other, then it is probably worth it.
  10. She changes you. Well, we do not mean that she changes your appearance, or whatever, we mean that she changes you from the inside.

What Presents Should You Give Your Parents?

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So, just admit it. You are not very good when it comes to buying presents, are you? However, you are very well aware that you simply need to buy something to your parents this Christmas. So, what should you do? Should you ask them what they want and buy it? Well, that would probably spoil the surprise, right?

Here is what you should do. Think about what your parents are doing in their free time. Most parents like to do something around their house. So, here are some perfect DIY things your parents might be happy with:

  1. A book about building a shed. If your parents are thinking about building a shed, then this is a perfect gift!
  2. A hand tool will be a perfect gift for your Dad.

However, if they are not that kind of people, you might want to avoid buying any such kind of present. Instead, go for something elegant, something you know they want.

  1. A wine carafe – if your parents like to drink wine, then this is a perfect present for them!
  2. A coffee machine – every coffee lover deserves a good coffee machine!

So? There are tons of options, but in order to make the good choice, you need to know your parents. So, try to listen to what they are talkinng about and you will know what they want immediately.


Why Being A Nice Guy Is Not Really Nice

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Nice guys have it hard. They simply do not fit in this world. And although they are always there to help, people usually do not take them seriously. Why? Well, that is just how this world works. It is completely unfair. However, while there are things that nice guys struggle with and cannot really do much about them always happening, there are also things they can affect.  So what are the things that make life of a nice guy so disappointing?

  1. The fact that even when you are doing something nice for people while inconveniencing yourself, people may not realize that.
  2. The fact that many people will realize that and will start taking advantage of you.
  3. People tend to hurt you. They simply do not care about your feelings. However, not all of them. And you should probably distinguish the true friends from the ones who are only hurting you.
  4. Feeling owed. Do not do nice things just because you expect that other people will do them for you in return. It only results in you feeling disappointed.
  5. Trying too hard to persuade your new girlfriend that you are a nice guy that it actually scares her away.

The thing is, you are thinking about being nice too much. And you believe that it actually is good to always try to please everybody. But the fact is that you should probably put yourself first and learn to say “no”. At least sometimes. Just, do not let everybody do what they want with yourself!

The One Way To Win A Woman’s Heart

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10.000 KM, (aka 10,000 KM), Natalia Tena, 2014. ©Broad Green Pictures/courtesy Everett Collection

I know that you are probably becoming tired of all the various tips and tricks on how to get a woman, but this time, we are serious. We want to share with you the best way to win a woman’s heart. The truth. The only one thing that you need to know. So are you ready?

A study from Indiana University found that if you want to get a woman, you need to write her emails. Surprised? So are we. If you belong to people who believed that there is nothing hotter than a phone call, you might be disappointed. However, writing an email is probably much easier than making a call, right? So guys, practice writing good, romantic and sexy emails and you will soon get that girl!

100 Years Of Wedding Fashion

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You have probably seen videos showing 100 years of fashion, or 100 years of lingerie, but have you seen this video? It is much more interesting. Well, obviously, for girls. Ladies and gentlemen, let me show you this video showing 100 years of wedding dresses!

Awesome, right? If you want to know how the wedding fashion has developed over the years, then watch this video made by Mode. All of the dresses are just gorgeous, don´t you think? Perhaps it will inspire you to make a themed wedding!

This Boy Has Been Taking Selfies For 8 Years!

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If you have ever seen Boyhood, you will maybe find this fascinating. And if you have not, then you will probably find it fascinating too, because it actually is awesome!

This boy has been taking selfies everyday since he was 12 years old. Now it has been 8 years since he started and to complete his experiment he has put these photos into a time-lapse video that you can watch below. It is absolutely awesome to see how people change overtime! I would say that this guy has changed quite a lot! What do you think? It is almost unbelievable.

When Your Parents Got Divorced

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Those kids who have been through a divorce of their parents know that it is not easy. And although it often is for the best, the process is simply painful. And it is painful for both kids and for the parents. No matter at what age kids are, it affects their lives. Believe it or not.

Well, you will probably get the best explanation from the people that have been through that situation. So watch this video where kids talk about what it was like when their parents got divorced and you will better understand what I am talking about.

With This Table You Will Be Able To Sleep At Work!

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Would it not be great if your table at work allowed you to sleep underneath it? Well, nobody says that you cannot sleep under the table. It is just that sleeping under table is not very comfortable. However, that is not the truth with this table. Because even though it looks like an ordinary table at first sight, it is not just an ordinary table!

Lowever compartment of this table can be transformed into a very comfortable bed! And so you can now enjoy your naps to the fullest, right? Wouldn´t you want one? Well, you boss would probably not be just as thrilled as you, ain´t that right?enhanced-13025-1443109316-1

Oreos And Marshmallows

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Do you know what happens when you mix Oreos with Marshmallows? Something absolutely incredibly delicious! Well, you cannot just mix cookies with candy, that would not work. You have to do it just like it is shown in the video below and so create the best dessert of all!

So are you excited? Then go and buy some Oreos and Marshmallows and let´s get to it, don´t you think?

First blend the Oreos, then melt butter and marshmallows and mix it all together! For more information, watch the video below, enjoy!

When A Kid Cannot Blow Out A Candle

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Blowing out candles on your birthday cake was so much more fun when you were a kid. Was it not? You had like one or two candles on your cake you were supposed to blow out and everybody was so excited for you to do that. Right now, nobody really cares what you wish for when you blow out your candles. But when you were a child, everybody did. And it was just awesome!

Anyway, after we have experienced a back-in-time travel, we will finally get to the point, don´t you think? And that is this video of a kid who cannot blow out candle! Just watch the video, it is hilarious!